Cooking competitions tend to celebrate the best, and unless a good tongue lashing from Padma is involved, they don’t linger too long on culinary failings. The Braiser decided not to let the bad and the ugly from food TV fade quietly into the annals of food-media history, though.

Instead, they’ve created a top 10 list of nightmare dishes, and no show seems to have been safe from their scrutiny—not even “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cookoff where all the D-listers got together and cooked things with Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri.”

No real judging criteria is involved, and about half of the selections come from MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen. Still, even notable chefs like Art Smith weren’t exempt from getting called out.

So for the record, the worst dish ever on TV just might be from Hell’s Kitchen contestant Royce, who served lobster “still containing its ‘sh*tsack’ and garnished liberally with a 12-inch-long hair.”

[via The Braiser]