What do you do when you have some vacation time? If you’re Chrissy Teigen, you go on a six-day ramen bender in Tokyo with fiancé John Legend.

Yesterday was Day 3 of her ramen reconnaissance—a day on which Legend seemed to be nearing a breaking point from all the soup, and Teigen realized she might have been too quick to call Kyushu Jangara from Day One the best, since Masutani Ramen gave it a run for its money. We know all this because the Sports Illustrated model, food blogger, and sometime Cooking Channel guest host has been dutifully chronicling her quest and inciting noodle envy among those stuck at home.

The day before, she and Legend were denied a chance to try Ivan Ramen—a spot started by a New Yorker who earned his keep among the locals—because the shop was closed. And thanks to the suggestion of a well-meaning taxi driver, they checked out a ‘ramen lite’ shop. Teigen found the experience average at best, but noted that “at the end of the day, you’re still in Tokyo. And you’re still eating ramen.” We hope her experiences on Days 4-6 will continue to be as good as Days 1 and 3.

There are at least a half dozen reasons why you should follow Teigen on her quest to pack away as much ramen during her trip as possible. Beyond the fact that she’s an unabashed lover of good food and all kinds of blunt about it, she writes with a disarming blend of humor and self-awareness. She’s often the first to call herself out in her entries. Even at her most reflective, she is never maudlin. It’s altogether refreshing to read.

[via So Delushious!]