There might not be a better time to start planning your next great adventure than the beginning of the year, when everything is still fresh and personal goals seem actionable. If you consider food as a top priority in your travels, Huffington Post has seven major cities you should visit.

  • San Sebastian, Spain. The diminutive size of San Sebastian belies its culinary clout. The Basque city has “more Michelin stars per capita (currently 16) than anywhere else on Earth.”
  • Tbilisi, Georgia. Whereas the food is a mix of Middle Eastern and Eastern European, the drink is all Georgian. Historians credit the region as the first to make wine.
  • Osaka, Japan. Other major Japanese cities don’t compare to the country’s “culinary capital,” known to espouse the concept of kuidaore, or ‘eat until you drop.’
  • Lima, Peru. If Peruvian food is not already on your radar, it will be soon. Lima is home to a mix of influences, as seen in the Peruvian Chinese dish lomo saltado (strips of steak stir-fried with soy sauce).
  • Kiev, Ukraine. Described as the “Wild, Wild East,” Kiev is a place where anything goes—and that applies to food and drink too.
  • Palermo, Sicily. Palermo has an unparalleled street food scene. Try everything from a sandwich of fried beef spleen in soft, sesame bread to fresh seafood, such as swordfish crudo and sea urchin roe spaghetti.
  • Antigua, Guatemela. Slow-cooked stews and soups are a hallmark of Antiguan cuisine, but there are also refreshing snacks in the vein of ceviche and chili-dusted fruits.

[via HuffPost Travel]