What if you could not only taste the rainbow, but also move it with your mind? Apparently this is a question that has been plaguing Skittles executives, who have tasked Agency Clemenger BBDO with making it happen. What the advertising agency came up with is not quite telekinesis, but it’s close enough. For now.

With the help of mechanical and aerospace engineer Ben Cai, they created an interactive online graphic (accessible via Skittles’ Facebook page). With an eye movement, you can send your yellow Skittle flying across the board. Essentially, “the movements, captured by users’ web cams, [are] translated into commands given to specially rigged, Wi-Fi-controlled robots” attached to actual Skittle candies.

So far only visitors based in Australia and New Zealand get the chance to move individual Skittles with their eyes. We got next!

[via Fast Co.Create]