The amount of food coverage via social media may seem daunting to sift through, but according to a paper in a recent issue of Trends in Food Science & Technology, the food industry only stands to benefit from the flow of information.

Researchers in Belgium and Ireland, along with a UK-based communications company, are telling food professionals not to underestimate the efficacy of social media in dispelling rumors, documenting food-borne illnesses, and monitoring relevant debates—like ones on genetically modified food—in real time. They suggest that the food industry takes an active role on social media platforms, so as to “rapidly address and correct developments containing inaccuracies and misinformation.”

This in turn will stem “food crisis situations where social media can lend itself to scare mongering and create potentially unwarranted panic and hysteria.”

No kidding. We could have used some of that rumor relief the minute that the National Pig Association unleashed a faux aporkalypse on us.