It’s no simple task to compile the best in dining across 50 states (plus D.C.), but OpenTable had the help of their subscribers who shared 5 million reviews on 26,000+ (or 15,000+ depending on where you look) restaurants.

Among the top 100 user-generated picks, some were givens—French Laundry, Le Bernadin, and Providence—and others were a bit more under the radar, like second-time winner Carpe Vino in Auburn, California. Equal parts wine shop and restaurant, Carpe Vino garnered an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, with review notes like “notable wine list” and “fit for foodies.”

The restaurant was also named the Diner’s Choice in “Best Food” and “Best Service” categories. This follows last month’s nod for its wine selection in OpenTable’s “Top 100 Restaurant Wine Lists.”

According to OpenTable, the results for the Diner’s Choice lists are based on diner’s feedback after a reservation is confirmed.

[via The Sacramento Bee]