Never come between a New Yorker and her bagel. For Gothamist‘s Rebecca Fishbein, bagels are just the latest example in an ongoing trend of San Francisco copying New York City. She points to Baron Baking in Oakland—one of the Bay Area bagel shops that just got a mega profile in the New York Times—as one offender trying to “unlock” Gotham’s secrets.

We’re pretty sure she’s not even half-serious about the bone she is picking with the Bay Area, but it’s worth noting that West Coasters have yet to get territorial about NYC embracing imports like Pok Pok, Mission Chinese, and Trader Joe’s.

Plus, NYC-style bagels and pizza are such a signature that they are never not attributed to the city. Imitation, in this case, can be considered a sincere form of flattery.

[via Gothamist]