Of all the year-end roundups that pile up each December, Adam Platt’s “Where to Eat” guide has rightfully gained a reputation as one of the most insightful and ambitious. After noshing his way around New York for his weekly review in New York Magazine, Platt takes stock of all the restaurants, trends, and chefs that are making waves on the front lines and presents them in one all-encompassing state of the union address.

This year, he remarks on the continued ascension of Brooklyn’s dining scene (now a refuge for “jaded Manhattanites”), praises “Asian Hipster Cuisine” (while continuing to avoid explaining exactly what it means), and ushers in the golden age of the high-end sandwich, which has found a foothold at spots like Parm and Mile End.

He also drops his top 10 new restaurants of the year—unranked, but including Atera and Perla—and calls out the most tired trends, from “Fetishized Vegetabes” to “Gourmet Versions of New York Classics.”

A lot to dig into here. Read the whole thing over at NY Mag.