Don’t want to eat alone? Or maybe you’re the type who enjoys cooking and usually ends up with plenty to share? Have no fear: Fast Co.Exist found an iPhone app called SupperKing that operates like a mealtime version of Airbnb, Lyft, and Couchsurfing.

Founded by Kai Stubbe, the application presents users with the opportunity to host or be hosted. Prospective hosts will provide relevant logistics of the meal (description, date/time, location, suggested donation, and available seats), and interested parties can sign up accordingly. To fine-tune their search, would-be diners can narrow down the options by neighborhood, type of meal, and price.

After a 10% commission given to SupperKing, the host pockets the rest of the payment. Both hosts and diners can rate one another.

Fast Co.Create points out some competition in this growing niche but notes that only Supperking focuses solely on amateur meals cooked at home. Grubwithus facilitates group dining at restaurants; meanwhile, “Kitchit lets people easily hire professional chefs to come to their homes, and Feastly lets cooks—including professional chefs—invite diners into their homes.”

The application has launched in San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles and is available for download via iTunes.

[via Fast Co.Exist]