It’s not a good Internet meme if it makes immediate sense, and for what it’s worth, ‘milking’ appears to make no sense at first glance. Originating in the northeast English city of Newcastle, milking is the act of pouring a four-pint container of milk over oneself in random places. It has since spread to universities across the U.K., like Oxford and Edinburgh.

The video that could turn it into a viral trend features a near 3-minute-long montage of dudes who pour milk on themselves in various parts of town, all set to the tune of “Jump Around” by House of Pain. So far, the dairy-wasting act seems to be centered mainly in England, and our web search turned up videos from Newcastle with not much else.

However, it has generated enough buzz for one Austrian organization, the AMA farm lobby, to respond with a video of their own. Uploaded on November 27, the original milking video had 588,571 views the last time we checked.