‘Tis the season to get busy in the kitchen and bust out those special meals. For those of us who prefer meat—particularly beef—to be the centerpiece of a holiday spread, Lynne Curry (Zester Daily) compiled a list of alternatives to the pricier tenderloin and prime rib, as well as the roast times (organized by cut) to use for the best results.

Curry argues that there are “excellent roasts that are overlooked or undervalued, especially those from the sirloin (hip), round (upper leg) and even the chuck (shoulder).” Another tough choice to grapple with: Natural, organic, or grass-fed? Curry breaks down the differences between all three categories.

Other than your selection of beef, you’ll need a reliable thermometer, preferably a digital instant-read version. A worthy investment, the thermometer will safeguard beef from turning into stone—an automatic feast foul.

[via Zester Daily]