Redefining the notion of beatboxing, Scott Garner took it to the literal and created a beet/beat machine as his class project. It sounds looks simple, but the process of getting the root vegetable to make beats is more relatively complicated.

It began with an “enclosure” made of  0.5″ x 8″ poplar boards that Garner cut and finished to create the frame for the instrument. He added details like a speaker grill, grooves for the wires, and six beet-sized holes. Once the frame was sealed, he wove in the elements (like a Raspberry Pi) that make the beets go clap, clang, boom.

Explaining the idea behind his project, Garner wrote that he is “interested in creating complex technical interactions in which the technology is invisible—both in the sense that the interaction is extremely simple and in the literal sense that no electronic components can be see.”

It looks like Pumpktris has itself a contender for 2012’s best technologization of a vegetable.

[via Scott Made This]