The slated December 16 opening of Flavor Flav’s eponymous Chicken & Ribs restaurant is proof that you can’t keep a good hype man down. The Oakland Press details the Public Enemy member’s third attempt as a restaurateur, which will be in southern Michigan; the other two are detailed in our history of rapper-owned restaurants.

If you think Flav is just a washed-up rap and reality-TV star trying to cash in, don’t be so quick to dismiss the man—”[he] is the son of a restaurateur and attended culinary school in the 1970s before gaining fame as a member of the rap group Public Enemy in the ’80s.”

With his first shot at opening at restaurant, finances got in the way, and Flav and manager Nick Cimino ended up pointing fingers at each other for failure to pay their employees. In Las Vegas, his second venture, House of Flavor, lasted six months. But you know what they say about the third time…

Chicken & Ribs will be a family restaurant. While it won’t sell any liquor on the premises, there will be late weekend drive-thru hours for those with midnight munchies. The restaurant won’t stray too far from its previous iterations. This time around, though, the chicken will be roasted or grilled instead of fried, and smoked ribs will be on the menu alongside “mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, waffle fries, collard greens, baked beans, corn bread, biscuits, and various kinds of sauces.”

[via The Oakland Press]