Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United says ethical dining is not just about knowing which farm your lamb came from. The national restaurant workers’ organization has created a diner’s guide—available as an app and downloadable as a PDF—that rates dining establishments based on how fairly they treat their employees.

The goal is to bring attention to the center’s three major goals: to raise the federal minimum wage for tipped and untipped workers, to win paid sick leave, and to remove “occupational segregation.” The rating system gives a star for each criterion the restaurant meets, with five being the highest. There are also symbols indicating details like whether the restaurant belongs to the organization’s industry roundtable.

The annual guide, now in its second year, gives you info on work conditions—wage, benefits, etc.—at 150 restaurants in nine major cities, including Los Angeles, New York City, Detroit, and San Francisco. It also lists several ways you can support the cause.

[via Grubstreet Philadelphia]