It may seem like our fast-food restaurants are the ones taking over the world with their franchises, but Huffington Post says that scale is not always tipped toward the U.S. of A. There are imports from Canada to China setting up in your neighborhood—did you know the origin of each of these chains?

  • United Kingdom’s Pret A Manger: With 50 locations (mostly in New York), Pret has had success with the three Ss of midtown lunch: soups, salads, and sandwiches.
  • Canada’s Freshii: A couple of SoCal Freshii spots have closed; still nearly three dozen remain. The company’s emphasis is on healthier items like soups, wraps, and hummus.
  • China’s Little Mongolian Sheep: Operating 12 branches in Cali, Texas, and New York, this restaurant serves customers two stocks (one spicy; the other mild) in one pot that allows you to cook your chosen ingredients (meat, vegetables, etc.) without leaving your seat.
  • Guatemala’s Pollo Campero: There are 50 locations around the country serving fried/grilled chicken with tortillas or dinner rolls, plus sides like yuca fries.
  • Belgium’s Le Pain Quotidien: This bakery-café offers organic options in states on both coasts.

Other notables include Yo! Sushi (UK), Wagamama (UK), Nando’s Peri Peri (South Africa), Pie Face (Australia), and Tim Horton’s (Canada).

[via HuffPost Food]