According to Matthew Hague, Toronto folks owe a debt of gratitude to Momofuku frontman David Chang for single-handedly raising the bar for good food in the city.

Hague’s ode in Toronto Life, entitled “The Momofuku Effect: How David Chang took over the city’s menus long before Momofuku even opened its Toronto doors,” credits the chef-owner for spawning eight major food trends in the city. These include ramen, chicharrón, ssäm, pig’s-head torchon, bao, brussels sprouts, haute bánh mì, and shaved foie gras.

Not surprisingly, some readers got a little fired up in response to the adoring piece:

  • Richard Sharp: “Can we re-title your article ‘The Gushing Effect’? Because the swooning and butt smirching you’re doing over Chang is hyperbole at its finest. You do realize that Torontonians have traveled and eaten things like ramen in its country of origin—just like Chang did!—and maybe, just maybe, they were inspired by their travels or eating at friends’ houses and not by a New York chef.”
  • ah123abc: “I like David Chang. But his pork belly buns are not original. They are from Fuzhou and made popular by the Taiwanese. Lots of people are doing it now… As for this article, how ridiculous! How did Momofuku create an effect in the city when these things already existed before Chang came here? And some of these things weren’t original to Chang anyway and he’d be the first to acknowledge that.”

Even Chang himself took the praise with a grain of salt:

[via Toronto Life]