Andrew Zimmern went in on Yelp on the latest episode of his podcast “Go Fork Yourself,” calling the online review aggregate a “tremendous forum for a bunch of uninformed morons.” But the Bizarre Food host has bigger issues to tackle with his new children’s book, Andrew Zimmern’s Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Foods: An Intrepid Eater’s Digest.

As he relays to Eater National, we’re facing a crisis of sustainability, which he defines as a cultural and economic issue as much as it is environmental. He argues that if we could incorporate more variety into our everyday diets, we’d “actually start to make a difference in our world one plate at a time.” And in the process of seeing all food as viable sources for nutrition, we’ll be “democratizing the idea of food.”

The idea to write a book for kids came from his experience with fatherhood, which had inspired him to make a Bizarre Foods special for children. Along the way, he also noticed his following started to include the younger set. Despite its intended core audience, Zimmern has found adult readers have responded well to it too.

Now, if only all kids could have the amazing eating experiences he had as a youngster

[via Eater National]