Serious Eats’ latest episode of its “Chewing the Fat” web series delves into the future of recipe writing with Food Network’s resident food scientist, Alton Brown. In a fascinating chat, Brown shares with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt some of the 2.0 possibilities of online recipe engines, hinting at his own forthcoming venture that might change the game.

Though he doesn’t reveal exactly what he’s incubating, we’re all for his general precept that there’s not just one way to cook any given recipe—as Serious Eats points out, it should be more of a choose-your-own-adventure process.

There is also the possibility of crowd-sourcing a recipe. As Brown points out, the “feedback loop” between recipe writers and home cooks has grown smaller. So instead of printing a recipe and never touching it again, why not let it evolve over time? The result of such participation could be a recipe “Wikipedia” of sorts—in this model, the recipe develops a life of its own where it “never stops changing, never stops moving, never stops editing itself.”

[via Serious Eats]