When it comes to the toy world, gender norms seem to die hard. One 13-year-old isn’t having any of it, and she’s upset that manufacturers of play kitchens and cooking toys often market to little girls only.

If all goes according to plan for McKenna Pope, however, the Easy-Bake Ultimate will soon become much more gender neutral. She is looking to correct the lack of little boy representation in their commercials and even their design (purples and pinks) with her Change.org petition. (As The Consumerist points out, with the latter request, she inadvertently assigns gender to color as well. Way to serve a little kid, guys!)

Pope decided to gather signatures after she realized her four-year-old brother’s (her “favorite chef”) love of cooking was not being recognized by Hasbro. Instead, she thinks the toymaker is telling children that “women cook, men work.” And so, she thought it was time the manufacturer caught up with the 21st century.

[via NY Daily News]