During the Olympics this past summer in London, the construction of the world’s largest McDonald’s—built with recycled timber to be dismantled after the competition ended—gained attention from plenty of design blogs. As it turns out, that temporary pop-up was just one of many fast-food outposts that are breaking out of their cookie-cutter design holding patterns. Curbed breaks down some of the more interesting concepts around the world, including a Starbucks built into shipping containers and a McDonald’s inside a 19th-century Georgian mansion.

Big Food is trying to desperately to reinvent itself in the face of the local-food movement, as well as other trends that have caused a backlash against mass-produced, homogenous products. Some may argue that chains are simply dressing up the same-old product in new clothes with these new design-forward stores. That may be the case, but there’s something to be said for not seeing the exact same Starbucks facade everywhere you go in the world.

Check out the Curbed story for more examples.

[via Eater]