When in doubt, always take your meds with water, or simple grub if you’re not supposed to them on an empty stomach. Recent reports indicate grapefruit and grapefruit juice don’t play nicely with at least 85 prescription pills; some combos may even be life-threatening. And the dangers of medicating and noshing at the same damn time don’t end there. Huffington Post listed other lethal mixes beyond grapefruit and prescription pills:

  • Kale + blood thinners. The leafy greens act as a coagulant, which can counteract the effects of your blood thinner.
  • Dairy + antibiotics. Dairy items can block your system from absorbing the medication.
  • Charcuterie and strong cheese + antidepressants. When cured meats and/or moldy cheeses meet MAOI-based antidepressants, the two can cancel out your body’s capacity to regulate a naturally-occurring amino acid. Translation: The combo “can lead to a dangerous spike in blood pressure.”
  • Caffeine + most drugs. Drugs like estrogen and asthma medications can inhibit your body’s natural breakdown of caffeine, “leading to extreme caffeine side effects like jitteriness and rapid heart beat.”
  • Licorice + heart medicine. No licorice for those on digoxin and angiotensin. The candy heightens the risk of experiencing side-effects from both drugs.

[via HuffPost Healthy Living]