There’s really not much we need to say about this video, except that it is awesome. Glad to see that Harvard kids are living up to their reputation by experimenting with burger space travel rather than butt-chugging.

Read the description of the video below, then press play.

5 friends from Harvard University decided to send a delicious hamburger to space. B.good, a local hamburger company in Massachusetts, was generous enough to help us out and sponsor this entire mission (check them out at That was their burger! They are awesome.

The launch took place in Sturbridge, MA and reached a max altitude of 30000m. A 600g weather balloon filled with helium was attached to a GoPro Hero, HTC Rezound phone (GPS) and a Hamburger.

We launched it on the 27th of October, 2012 at 12:22 PM, the equipment was recovered via GPS tracking 130 miles somewhere north of Boston.

[via NY Mag]