Vik Says is where we let our mascot, Vik, vents his feelings each week: 10 things he’s loving, and 10 things he wishes would just go away. Check out the best and worst of the week below.


1. Wearing an elasticated waistband for three days straight with no shame.
2. Open-faced turkey sandwiches.
3. Restaurateurs who rap.
4. The opening of In-N-Out on this very day in 1948
5. Drinking a wine called Yao Ming.
6. Cooking better than your mom.
7. Reliving Thanksgiving through hilarious gifs.
8. Eating your Chia Pet.
9. Cooking with No Limit soldiers.
10. When Rashida Jones sings about food.


1. Gordon Ramsay.
2. Dry chocolate-mousse cakes.
3. People who don’t understand the place of chain restaurants in the American food-scape.
4. When every store and restaurant starts smelling like Christmas spices.
5. Family members that love “light” Sunday meals.
6. Thinking about the hangovers between now and New Year’s.
7. Terrible Instagram photos of struggle meals.
8. People who insist on making mashed potatoes with fat-free milk and no butter.
9. Waiters who address you as “dude.”
10. The third day of turkey leftovers—time to cut your losses and move on.