Vik Says is where we let our mascot, Vik, vents his feelings each week: 10 things he’s loving, and 10 things he wishes would just go away. Check out the best and worst of the week below.


1. Roy Choi’s unbridled awesomeness.
2. When food writers lay the smackdown.
3. Sunday gravy.
4. High-brow drinking humor.
5. The commander-in-chief’s nacho addiction.
6. Cooking incredibly elaborate drunk meals.
7. Food-themed album covers.
8. Winter vacations in Argentina.
9. When you actually complete a “buy 9, get the 10th free” promo card at a restaurant.
10. NYC restaurants bouncing back post-Sandy.


1. Nicole Westbrook’s viral assault on Thanksgiving.
2. Slow coffee service in the morning.
3. Brioche burger buns.
4. Spoons that look like sex toys.
5. Homemade sriracha.
6. James Bond drinking Heineken.
7. When the waiter asks, “Have you dined with us before?” and then tells you how the restaurant “works.”
8. Two months of holiday recipes clogging up your RSS feed.
9. Watery hot chocolate.
10. Getting banned from Nobu.