Needless to say, the greatest source of anxiety this week in nutrition and health news was word of a tick-induced meat allergy. The idea of a tiny insect depriving us of our food choices seems like a scenario straight from a science-fiction plot. Along with the Lone Star Tick, we’ve also been keeping clear of 5-Hour Energy drinks, currently under investigation for potentially harmful side effects. Other news to keep in mind:

  • USA Today: Frito-Lay believes the prize in your Cracker Jack box is getting a gourmet upgrade with the addition of coffee, but critics are decrying possible health risks.
  • New Times: Genetically modified yeast in your beer? Brewer Matthew Cox says, “I’m not much for the GMO thing either, but there’s blending and cross-breeding methods that lead to a better brewing process.”
  • Grist: Snacks touted as all-natural may not be that much healthier than conventional ‘junk’ snacks. The steps to making a snack like Pop Chips are too complex to yield anything as pure as advertisers would like you to believe they are.
  • Minnesota Public Radio: Access to fresh fruits and vegetables is just as important, if not more so, as price in improving health in food-desert neighborhoods.
  • NPR: The National Center for Health Statistics at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that beer, wine, and spirits makes up about “16 percent of an adult’s total caloric intake.”