Take-out rotisserie chicken has become a staple for many Americans. Since its commercialized debut 1984, the classic family meal—co-signed by the Romneys—has expanded beyond the salt-and-pepper variety to include flavors like BBQ, lemon-pepper, Italian, and roasted garlic. And it is available nearly everywhere: “six hundred million rotisserie chickens were purchased in U.S. supermarkets, club stores and similar retail outlets in 2010,” according to a report in the Washington Post.

The story goes on to carve up the topic of rotisserie chickens evry which way, providing some relevant  info (especially if you’re in DC): best in supermarket rotisserie chickens, with BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club in the lead; a next-day taste test; and story behind the ubiquitous plastic packaging.

There are recipes too: Sylvia’s Quick Shredded Chicken; Jeff Tunks’s Peruvian Chicken Stir-Fry; Scott Drewno’s Chicken Curry Salad (interestingly filed as a dessert course); Chicken Bisilla; and Aromatic Chicken Noodle Soup.

[via The Washington Post]