Friday, a day of the week we all know and love, managed to bounce back from the egregious slander committed by Rebecca Black in 2011. But Thanksgiving might not be so lucky in the wake of this godawful song, “It’s Thanksgiving,” just released by tween YouTuber Nicole Westbook.

Vik hates to hate on a young kid, but damn, this nonsense makes the blood boil, and has the potential to poison our growing excitement for Turkey Day.

The song features a bunch of white kids singing about how much they love Christmas, Easter, July 4th, and Thanksgiving. Just when you think it’s the whitest shit ever, an older black dude dressed as a turkey shows up to hang out with them in a way that is very creepy.

And then, just when you think it can’t get any worse, Westbrook starts rapping. And then she uses a drumstick as a microphone. And then you do a Goodle search and find out “It’s Thanksgiving” was penned by Patrice Wilson, the same evil genius behind “Friday.”

And then you give up. This can’t be Thanksgiving. This can’t be life.