According to, the majority of us all have a little bit of George Constanza in us. We may have laughed at him when he plucked an eclair out of the trash, but a new survey shows that we’re really not that much better than the Seinfeld character—more than half of us would pick up food fallen to the floor and serve it without much hesitation. Other gross-out facts about our habits, and what we can do about it:

  • That 5-second rule? It’s misguided as your food takes less time than that to pick up salmonella. Experts say you should take one of the following measures: 1) Slice off the part that made floor contact; 2) Heat up whatever fell until it reaches 165˚; 3) Try to repurpose it into a cooked dish.
  • Unless it’s a roach, don’t toss your produce in the trash if you find an aphid, earthworm, ants, or spiders crawling on it. Food safety expert Sarah Klein says they are harmless.
  • Don’t lick the spoon and put it back to a bowl of anything for share. You could infect others with more than a fuzzy feeling of appreciation for your good food.
  • It’s probably best to stay away from the party dip as 76% of us double-dip and that can mean 100,000 bacteria floating around in the dip, as found by researchers at Clemson University.