‘Tis almost the season for annual roundups of the year’s best and worst, along with predictions of what’s in store for the next year. It’s still relatively early (we’ve barely stepped into November), but one Colorado creative consulting agency decided to take its best shot at the end-of-year media ritual.

The resulting “Cutting Edge Dining Trends of 2013″ is a top ten list where the definition of a trend is loosely interpreted. We’re not too big on trend reports, but here’s what to avoid if you really want to get into culinary forecasting:

  • Say something we don’t know. Some of the alleged trends on the list—”Asian influences will infiltrate American comfort food”—are laughably dated. Just to get things started, two words: Kogi tacos.
  • Draw the lens closer. In a hot second, trend reports can gloss over key details that really speak to a real pattern. Just saying “Veggies Take Over the Plate” sounds kind of ridiculous. But if you go deeper, like The New York Times article on carrots becoming a key player at many restaurants, there might be something to talk about.
  • But also know when to draw the lens wider. The way that “American Artisans Save You a Trip to Europe” is explained, you’d think Europe had a complete monopoly on artisanal craftsmanship. Some perspective on other things going on around the world would be welcome.

[via Denver Post]