If you don’t live in the counties of Los Angeles and now Orange, then the Southland legend of rainbow pork might not have reached you. At least not yet. Koreatown barbecue restaurant Palsaik Samgyupsal had the city’s cognoscenti, mostly led by Jonathan Gold, raving over their signature rainbow pork—a sampler of eight different approaches to pork belly—since last year.

Originally from Seoul, the restaurant’s name pretty much says it all: Palsaik (eight colors/flavors) + Samgyupsal (three-layer pork). Other items are available on the menu too, but few reviews have recommended deviating from the rainbow, composed of eight porcine variations: original (unmarinated), ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, curry, miso, and the red pepper paste gochujang. It comes in the eponymous dinner set with “a seafood soybean stew, mushrooms, vegetable, kimchi, bean sprouts, mixed salad, and rice soup.” The $49.99 combo meal feeds 2-3 people; two if both are really hungry and each boasts a big appetite.

Palsaik Samgyupsal will try to convince one that all this pork is healthy by way of its menu descriptions. Not one to be easily swayed by any restaurant’s claims, Gold nevertheless figured “even if the benefits of the flavonoids in the miso pork belly or the carotene in the gochujang pork belly are minimal” that “sometimes, maybe most of the time, happiness is an end in itself.”

[via L.A. Weekly]