Snoop Lion is on a mission to ameliorate childhood hunger, starting with Kingston, Jamaica.

“I didn’t want to just come out of there and steal music, steal the culture, and run back to America and get rich off it. I wanted to come back and find a way to do something to help those who want to help themselves. The one thing about the people in Jamaica—they [sic] not lazy and if you give them opportunities, they will make it happen. They will get out there and do something,” he said.

Snoop brought up the issue of widespread malnutrition with John Paul DeJoria (founder of Paul Mitchell) over Patrón (which DeJoria co-founded) and dinner in Austin. DeJoria signed up to establish organic community gardens and the Mind Gardens Project was launched. Or at least that iteration. It’s unclear if DeJoria is still connected to the project. On the website, DeJoria’s name and various brands are not in sight. Instead, there is another partner: Chris Reed, the founder of Reed’s Ginger Brew.

The non-profit initiative will first build gardens in the Trenchtown and Tivoli Gardens neighborhoods of Kingston. You can help by taking a pledge to help spread the movement in your neighborhood at