Political pundits take note: We’re not as divided as a country when it comes to our food preferences. USA Today commissioned NPD Group to look into our dietary habits as they relate to our personal politics, and the results show a more cohesive populace than otherwise assumed.

We are a nation divided by politics, but united by food. Stereotypes be damned: The Republican-leaning red states aren’t all biscuits and gravy, nor are the Democrat-favoring blue states all granola and yogurt.

The study is based on an online survey of 2,000 households in which those in red and blue states shared their 10 most frequently consumed food and drink. NPD Group then cross-referenced the findings with those in swing states.

Why is this important? Though it doesn’t have much bearing on the way we vote, the results may “quash conventional beliefs that folks from red and blue states have widely different eating habits.” Consider it as one small step toward closing the perceived gaps that prevent us from getting things done.

Well, as long as we don’t go to California Pizza Kitchen or drink bourbon—then things might get contentious.

[via USA Today]