Mitt Romney’s surprise over his loss on Tuesday became a popular meme in the press this week. Saturday Night Live‘s opening sequence last night imagined how the governor, as played by Jason Sudeikis, coped with the defeat with help from the expected (Ann and sons) and unconventional sources. Some highlights:

  • A devout Mormon who avoids alcohol, Romney kicks back cartons of milk for (illicit) comfort. About 10 gallons worth.
  • “There’s so much I want to see and do. I’d like to learn how ma-yo-nnaise is made. As I like ma-yo-nnaise very, very much,” says Sudeikis as Romney, when asked about his next step.
  • “Ha-have you been drinking? You smell like a dairy,” says Taran Killam as Matt (he plays three of Romney’s sons).
  • Killam as Josh: “Now please come inside, father. Donald Trump is doing a very amusing thing where he’s racist.”

Watch it here.