Oprah Winfrey has worn many hats in her life—arbiter of American reading habits, talk-show host, publisher—and it looks like she might add organic food purveyor to that list very soon. The New York Post found a round of trademark applications with “seven in total under the names “Oprah’s Organics,” “Oprah’s Harvest” and “Oprah’s Farm.”

Some of the possible products bearing the Oprah brand include “organic salad dressing, organic sauces, organic beverages, and frozen organic vegetables.” There may be beauty products as well. Forbes cautions that “the official line from Winfrey’s spokesperson is that these trademarks ‘were filed for Oprah’s farm on Maui to enable the farm to grow and distribute produce on Maui and throughout the Hawaiian Island.'”

Her entrance into the organics food realm could help expand the already hot market for socially and environmentally responsible food, possibly evening out high costs of organic items in the long run. Not for nothing is a certain supermarket known by the self-explanatory alias “Whole Paycheck.” For the average person who doesn’t live on a farm, it’s simply not affordable to maintain an all organic diet. But maybe Oprah is going to save us from ourselves once again. Let us hope.

[via Forbes]