Out of 35 major cities, Providence, Rhode Island nabbed the title of America’s favorite city for food, drink, and restaurants, according to an annual Travel + Leisure survey. That is, above NYC, NOLA, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, and San Diego. Big things for the .

The title was conferred by the city’s visitors, as opposed to its residents—in that poll, Providence ranked 9th, while San Juan, Puerto Rico took the top spot. Travel + Leisure does not reveal much data on its voting process; no clear mention of how long the survey was held, the number of voters that participated, or votes from visitors from residents are differentiated.

Providence also ranked well in a number of food sub-categories: number two in pizza and number one in hamburgers. Based on the point-of-view of residents, San Juan won for burgers—the place clearly has a lot of civic pride when it comes to grub.

[via Providence Journal]