Anthony Bourdain’s new seriesMind of a Chef, will premiere on PBS this Friday, November 9. The first season follows David Chang in 16 episodes as he travels around, seeking out the flavors and techniques that speak to him. He also visits chefs and cooks like René Redzepi of Noma and Yoshihiro Murata, the master of the traditional Japanese multi-course meal known as kaiseki. It is Bourdain’s mapping of how the 35-year-old restaurateur comes up with such ideas as coffee-flavored mayo as a condiment for a ham platter that sent José Andres on a joking rant.

The preview shows above Chang breaking down a pack of instant ramen in multiple senses of the word. Right after Bourdain gives a quick refresher history on Momofuku Ando the inventor of this wondrous gift to cash-poor college students everywhere, Chang reminisces about uncooked instant ramen as an after-school snack while taking a few bites. He then demonstrates the very genre-defying thought process that garnered him critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase by turning instant ramen noodles into a dish of cacio e pepo, or cheese and pepper pasta.

[via The New York Times]