Usually standing on a thin line between love and hate, food trucks in NYC are finally proving their worth to the haters, says Bloomberg Businessweek. While many of the city’s brick-and-mortar establishments are trying to get everything up and running, food trucks have been rolling out to the streets with various outreach efforts.

Gorilla Cheese gave customers near Union Square a chance to charge up their phones. Big D’s Grub held a 3-hour benefit wherein 100% of the proceeds would go toward purchasing food for those struggling in Broad Channel, Queens. Meanwhile, JetBlue gave away waffles and snacks at City Hall Park with help from Wafels & Dinges.

This could inspire new approaches in city planning and, in turn, bode well for food truck enterprises. As relayed to the publication, University of Michigan economics and finance professor Mark Perry wonders, “Perhaps we have inadvertently and unintentionally added a new flotilla/fleet/armada of national ’emergency response’ mobile food providers.”

He continues, “It would seem that food trucks are perfectly situated to go to areas in need of food, and can get there often before the Red Cross or FEMA or the National Guard, especially in places where there is no power, etc. And it’s a way for food trucks to maintain their business following disasters, whereas restaurants might be shut down weeks. So it’s win-win-win.”

[via Bloomberg Businessweek]