Food and relationships go hand in hand for Padma Lakshmi. To get her attention, you should “know how to cook a beautiful roast chicken.” In next month’s issue of Playboy, the model turned Top Chef co-host shares her dating preferences (hint: food celebs can fall back) and talks about her discerning palate, which can pick up the contents of your meal with one kiss.

It turns out that she has a what she describes as a “iron-clad digestive tract,” which is handy given the nature of her job as reality television judge. Just don’t judge her based on what she does for a living. She clarifies, “TV food personalities aren’t interesting to me. Bobby Flay, I’m sure, is a great guy, but I don’t watch Iron Chef. I don’t even watch Top Chef, to be honest.”

Once married to novelist Salman Rushdie, Lakshmi looks for more than good kitchen skills. “I want someone who’s a challenging adversary, who can tease me and get away with it, who can flirt and make me think and laugh and blush. But there’s an art to that. You either have it or you don’t,” she says during the interview.

Lakshmi also keeps it real about her favorite chef, Rachael Ray, how men cook versus how women cook, and why she took her role in the much-panned Mariah Carey movie Glitter.

The December issue of Playboy will be on newstands November 20, but the publication already has the 20-question interview up on its website.

You’re welcome.

[via USA Today]