That small businesses have shut down in the past four years due to the vagaries of the economy is no laughing matter, but Governor Mitt Romney’s camp must have had been struggling to find material to come up with this one.

In this latest ad, the Obama administration is blamed for the closure of family-run Bill’s Barbecue in Richmond, Virginia. The restaurant’s president Rhoda Elliot tells of the family history, before drawing the conclusion that “things have not changed,” asking rhetorically if we can afford four more years. Depending on your stance, you just might approve of this message.

Unless, of course, you know—like Grub Street Boston—that “in a separate interview with a local newspaper, owners blamed the high cost of upgrading operations for the closure, and customers noticed that business had dwindled.” Moreover, Yelp users haven’t exactly been positive in their reviews.

We know it’s getting close to the wire, but c’mon guys—keep food out of the election. After all, grub seems to be the only thing uniting us.

[via Grub Street Boston]