Despite Prop 37 failing to pass in California on November 2, key numbers from the vote—including the 4 million supporters of required labeling of genetically modified foods—suggest that a movement has just begun, say two Stanford University sociology doctoral students in SF Gate.

Priya Fielding-Singh and Rachel Wright are among the advocates and observers who have found encouragement in what they see as a groundswell of support for the cause. Along with those votes in favor of the new standards, they cite the $6.7 million raised in the fight against “Big Food” corporations like Monsanto, which in response has had to set aside about three times that amount to combat the pro-labeling campaign.

Fielding-Singh and Wright see the effort to ensure GMO labeling as a fight for one’s civil right; that is, “for a clean environment, for biodiversity, for the continuation of our species.” To build the momentum, they call for a three-pronged approach that involves shifting the language of the movement to be about community; bringing other like-minded groups into the fold; and perusing boycotts, lawsuits, and educational campaigns.

[via SF Gate]