It’s a known paradox among experienced kitchen hands that the duller your knife is, the more likely it is to cause you injury. The idea is that “a dull knife can slip off food [more easily] and cut the user. The excessive force needed to make a dull knife cut causes the user to lose control, i.e. the knife can ‘break out’ of the material being cut and cause injury.” On the other hand, “a sharp knife requires little force, so it’s easier to control and cuts where intended.”

That said, proper technique plays a key role as well. CBS’s The Doctors covered a range of info on do’s and don’t do’s when it comes to knife-work, ranging from fairly obvious (don’t slice anything down to the last tiny piece on a mandolin) to enlightening (employ the bear claw, a.k.a. tucking you fingers into your palm while gripping the object of your slice and dice). Watch the video now over at Huffington Post for all of the tips.