Rashida Jones stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thanksgiving and the two performed a mashup duet that doubled as a series of holiday cautionary tales pertaining mostly to food.

Composed of songs currently on constant radio airplay, the near four-and-a-half-minute medley warns of the perils of dry turkey, cautions against eating that whole pecan pie, and decries uncles who drink too much and go on racist rants. Still, it’s not all booze and negativity as the ever-present “Gangnam Style” becomes an ode to eggnog ladles.

Jones and Fallon make a formidable team, repurposing some tracks we might otherwise find difficult to digest. It’s a deceptively easy feat given that other attempts at parodying pop songs with food-oriented lyrics just make the original seem better. Not everyone can match Weird Al’s deftness in appropriating songs—like his classic “Eat It“— in a way that simultaneously makes us see them in a different light and appreciate the original sources that much more.

[via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]