Hate it or love it, Black Friday is basically upon us so we guess it’s time to finally start getting serious about holiday gift shopping. Gizmodo came roaring out the gates in the gift-guide race earlier this week, offering a nice user-generated list of options for the coffee obsessive we all know.

One thing is clear: There is certainly no shortage of coffee gadgetry available on market. When it comes to narrowing down the ones we’d go for, we kept in mind what would be friendly to a reasonable budget, and what we’d actually use on a daily basis. Here are the items that caught our eye on the list:

  1. Aerobie Aeropress. It’s deemed as fool-proof and affordable—our favorite combo in any purchase. aerobie.com
  2. Hario V60 cone and server. It is considered one of the better ways to make a great cup of coffee. amazon.com
  3. Clever Dripper. Better than a French Press, the Clever Dripper gives you good coffee without the coffee grounds at the bottom. amazon.com
  4. Cuisinart PerfecTemp Water Kettle. This water kettle may be the most expensive item we’re higlighting, but it’s also the one most versatile as it’s not limited to use for coffee alone. cuisinart.com

[via Gizmodo]