We’re all familiar with the aggravation of going to restaurant’s website to look at the menu or maybe find the address, only to be greeted by A) a horrible intro video that you can’t turn off; B) mind-numbing smooth jazz that you can’t turn off; C) a flash site that is impossible to navigate; D) a link to a PDF menu, as if you want to download it; or E) all of the above. Whether they are super budget or trying to hard to be slick, restaurant websites all too often fail to deliver the basic, practical info that you’re actually looking for.

Thankfully, the blogging platform WordPress has decided to offer a solution: A simple, easy-to-use template designed specifically for restaurant owners. In addition to a straightforward design, it includes easy ways to integrate menus and OpenTable reservations.

As much fun as it is to laugh at the struggle of completely unnecessary websites like Buddakan’s, we wouldn’t be mad if a simple WordPress blog with a menu, address, and online reservation system became the industry standard.

[via Eater]