Call us suckers for the holidays, but damn—we just want everyone to have a good time! We’ve already covered how to create a vegetarian feast (with some help from the NYT), but what if you’ve got someone coming to Thanksgiving dinner with gluten-free needs?

Good news: More so now than ever, Thanksgiving’s classic mains and sides are not difficult to convert into gluten-free renditions. In the past decade, people have gained a better understanding of gluten sensitivities, and purveyors have responded with gluten-free versions of everything from bread to beer. Going gluten-free on Turkey Day just requires some forward planning to sidestep the ingredients hostile to the diet.

It begins with your basic pantry items. Soy sauce, for example, can be swapped for Bragg’s Amino. Before you convert each dish, says The Denver Post, it wouldn’t hurt to chat with your guest; chances are he/she can give you lowdown of what should be avoided. The publication also includes a basic guide with signposts on what to watch out for in classic dishes like roasted turkey.

For specific step-by-step instructions on what to cook, Eating Well has recipes from turkey tenderloin with cranberry shallot sauce to bacon mashed potatoes. Their takes on dessert, like pumpkin chocolate torte and caramel cream cheese flan, are just as friendly to guests not on the gluten-free plan.