Straight out of the imagined pages of a Toby Young script, New York billionaire Stewart Rahr personifies our worst nightmare of moneyed excesses. The New York pharmaceuticals billionaire recently stopped by Nobu Fifty-Seven in Manhattan for a meal. When the restaurant refused to kick out patrons already sitting at his favorite table, he reportedly threatened the manager’s life. And now he’s got himself banned from all 25 Nobu restaurants for life.

Somewhere between the banishment and his tantrum, he brought his beef to the restaurant’s founder, Drew Nieporent, via email, and made sure to CC his closest celebrity friends like Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, and Christie Brinkley. He also included Forbes staffer Steven Bertoni, who interviewed him two years ago when he sold Kinray, a pharmaceuticals distribution company, for $1.3 billion. Though he received Rahr’s e-mail on November 2, Bertoni didn’t publish its all-caps contents until the ban came to light.

Oh well. How many times can you go to Nobu anyway?

[via Forbes]