While the average dinner host might stress over cooking for any guest party larger than six, Long Island resident Linda Horgan can host the equivalent of two NBA teams. Curious about the logistics, The New York Times tagged along with Horgan as she prepped for the 39 family members and friends about to descend her home this Thursday for turkeys and all their trimmings. As it turns out, her approach is as relevant to the planning of any party. Here are some of her tips:

  • Organize with spreadsheets. They seem like a drag at work, but spreadsheets will hold you down at a time when the most minute details can get lost in the mix.
  • Run key errands way ahead. Horgan ordered turkeys and biscottis weeks ago to ensure that she’ll have them at hand the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Delegate. Don’t take on everything by yourself. Horgan recruited her brother and her cousin’s husband to cook alongside her. When guests arrive, she gives each one a task, like helping with cooking, clean-up, or entertainment.
  • BYO. Have your guests bring a dish to contribute and some tupperware to bring food home.
  • Set rules. Horgan is firm with her no-fighting policy. You play foul, you’re out next year.

And if all else fails? There’s always Epic Meal Time‘s Turbaconepicentipede.

[via The New York Times]