Both Democrats and Republicans have been feeding us their takes on foreign policy, economy, and homeland security, but nutrition expert Marion Nestle has found that neither have said much on what we’re eating. As far as the government’s role in forming policies on food, this is what each party has said about its own stance:

  • Republican: “When approximately 80 percent of health care costs are related to lifestyle—smoking, obesity, substance abuse—far greater emphasis has to be put upon personal responsibility for health maintenance.”
  • Democratic: “With prevention and treatment initiatives on obesity and public health, Democrats are leading the way on supporting healthier, more physically active families and healthy children.”

One avenue where we can see both ideologies on display is through the political support of soda companies, says the professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University. With this election, “soda company executives overwhelmingly favor the election of Mitt Romney.” This is because many of them view the Obama administration “could lead to greater regulation of advertising and product claims, aggressive safety inspections and characterizations of sodas as contributors to obesity.”

Meanwhile, soda companies have fought against initiatives on public health interventions (i.e., limits on soda sales in schools) and levying federal taxes on sugary beverages.

[via SF Gate]