Travel by air usually means a suspension of dietary considerations, not to mention standards of deliciousness. But our options are getting healthier though, reports Los Angeles Times. A nutrition professor at the City University of New York, Charles Platkin, found that “most airlines now offer at least one healthy meal alternative in their on-board menu.” According to Platkin, despite misses here and there, there is a sizeable improvement in healthy options from a decade ago.

And it’s not just the in-air meals that are getting healthier—airports have become friendlier to your waistline, as well. ABC News says the Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine found “the overall trend is toward offering passengers the nutritious meals they need to maintain a healthful diet and handle the stress associated with air travel.” Of the 18 airports the organization reviewed, Newark Liberty International Airport came out on top with a wide range of healthy options, while Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport came in last place (Ludacris’ forthcoming chicken-and-beer joint surely won’t help matters).

While we’re all for expanding healthy options for travelers, we’d also be happy if we airlines would stop being so stingy with the pretzels, and if more airports would call on real chefs to improve the overall quality of airport fare. Also, Shake Shacks.