As we’ve discussed, it was a bleak past week for the dining scene in sections of NYC such as lower Manhattan and Red Hook, where mass power outages and flooding causing many restaurants to close their doors while they waited for the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to pass. When power was restored to most of downtown early on Saturday, restaurants proved their resilience by opening up shop as quickly as possible. Customers flocked back to their favorite spots—encouraged by personalities like Anthony Bourdain, as well as trending Twitter hashtags like #dineoutnyc and #TipBig—where they were often met with special post-Sandy hurricane menus and elated restaurant staff relieved to finally be open for business again.

These restaurants, as well as small businesses and families around the city, will need plenty of help to get back on their feet. Check out Eater’s excellent guide to reopenings around town; Time Out New York’s breakdown of benefits and fund-raisers; Grubstreet’s guide to Sandy benefits and relief efforts; and the Village Voice list of places to donate, volunteer, and eat.

Need some inspiration to get out there? Click through the gallery above, featuring some of the triumphant signs and menus that have emerged as restaurants bounce back from the hurricane.